A Busy Few Months, and Some Movies to Catch Up On

Hey there, Cinema Lovers —

It has been quite sometime since the Faded Reel last open the movie theater curtain. There have been holidays that have passed by, and tons of other interesting moments, but don’t think I was forgetting about this place – no way!

So what has been happening with me, outside of working on a bunch of crazy TV shows and writing quite a bit for SlashFilm? Well I have a classic film fanatic update of sorts – I joined TCM’s Backlot fan club! I even have a fancy shirt (that will be arriving in the mail shortly) to prove it.


So what does this mean exactly? Well aside from finding an easier way to listen to the late Robert Osborne’s amazing voice on a daily basis, I can be even more active in the classic film fan community, which is incredibly exciting! Hopefully, it’ll also allow me to gain even more classic film knowledge than I’ve ever had before. So look forward to reviews specifically tied to the fan club, and other TCM related content (since they’re my favorite TV channel and it is hard not to fangirl about them.)


I also snagged the BluRay release of Intermezzo – the classic Black and White 1939 film starring Ingrid Bergman and (one of my classic movie stud muffins) Leslie Howard. I’ve never seen this movie (nor any version of this story on the screen) and I’m incredibly excited to do a review of the film itself and this new home release edition. So you can look forward to that big of fun.


Clearly, with spring coming and some incredibly awesome Movie anniversaries (including 1938’s Marie Antionette) around the bend, make sure to stay tuned to all things Faded Reel. Also, comment below with all your new classic movie updates! What films have you just seen for the first or hundredth time? I’d love to know!

Until then, see ya at the movies!

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