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Jacques Demy’s “Donkey Skin” – A Mature Fairy Tale

Finding a director you love can feel like quite the task. Whether it be the countless sea of film school graduates that dream of becoming Christopher Nolan, to the prior “old guard” that repeat their work over and over, the massive majority of filmmakers tend to stick to their comforts rather than genuinely reinventing the wheel. But when you do discover a director that legitimately possesses their unique view, it feels like you’re Indiana Jones, uncovering the greatest of treasures.

In the case of this cinephile, that’s how I felt when I discovered the work of Jacques Demy – a filmmaker known for his collection of American-inspired movie musicals, bold techniques, and creative use of a loud and unconventional color palette. Though most of his top-tier work came out in the 1960s, every film of his feels fresh, imaginative, and captivating – as if made today. And though many of his films are worth discussing, the one I wish to bring to your attention is Peau d’├óne, aka Donkey Skin.

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