One Ticket, Please!

So, you’ve stumbled onto a dusty old cinema. As you enter the doors, the cobwebs dash to the side, and the glimmer of the theater shines. Everything inside and on the screen comes alive. This is the home of The Faded Reel. 

Welcome to this silly little project of mine, in which I hope to give you a welcoming into the world of classic cinema. And if that little intro above sounded at all enchanting, then you are in the right place. In fact, that mirrors the way my mind felt the first time my grandparents showed me many of their favorite classic films. Gigi, the famous Vincent Minnelli MGM musical film, was one of my true gateway “drugs” into this world. It featured lavish costumes, sets, and incredible moments left and right. It felt like magic, and I hope that within the content of The Faded Reel, you can feel that similar enchantment take over you.

Soon you will find articles, reviews, rankings, and links to the main show – a YouTube channel for the series of the same name. More info on the first episode will be posted soon, so keep on looking on this site. Until then, please follow The Faded Reel on Facebook and Twitter.

Until next time, see you at the movies!


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